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Fees Practical Description Basic Plus
Subscription ( Yearly ) To register your products and post offering so that you can be found by buyers is completely free. Free $2,499.95
Subscription ( Monthly ) To register your products and post offering so that you can be found by buyers is completely free. Free $249.99
Discounted fees for completed transactions Kemgo only charges a fee when a transaction is confirmed through Kemgo. 1% 0.80%
Grow your brand, become visible globally, increase sales and get better deals Practical Description Basic Plus
Customized profile (increasing your exposure on the web) with set up support from Kemgo (if required) Take advantage of Kemgo's online reach to connect with more buyers. You can personalize your profile to make sure you reach the buyers you want to with the information they need, including products, company background, contacts and more!
Maximize branding online through Kemgo (add your billboard, logo, brand description, product presentation and more!) Personalize your brand with the look and feel you want. Whether you are a major player in Europe, or a small Chinese manufacturer, become more visible in any market, allowing you to grow your brand with our extensive global network.
Customized web address for your profile ( that can easily be linked to your profile and shared on your website, in emails, and other communications A customized web profile will make it easy for you to include your Kemgo page on your own website, in communications to your customers and anywhere else you would like others to know about your offering.
Link profile to your products as well as your company's website Make it easy for buyers to get in touch with the right contacts in your organization directly.
Link substitute/competitor products with your products to be easily found when members search for substitute/competitor products You know your competitor/substitute products best. Kemgo allows you to link them to the products that you register to give buyers more options (and get your products promoted!)
Featured on communications to Kemgo network From time to time, Kemgo sends out promotional material to a certain group of companies. Your company will be featured on those communications for more exposure.
Dedicated customer support We like to believe our platform is easy to use even for non-techies. But, in the event you have a question, our Kemgo+ dedicated customer support team is well-versed on our platform to help answer even the most technical question.
Featured items up to 10 Register up to 10 items on Kemgo with the Kemgo+ membership.
Featured items 11-50 Register up 11-50 products and the costs of registering them will incrementally decrease. Add $499.95 per year
Featured items 50+ The best deal Kemgo has to offer - register more than 50 products and you'll be well-covered! Add $999.95 per year
Become part of a global network of thousands of members, generate leads and manage sales Practical Description Basic Plus
Member verification and vetting Unlike other marketplaces, Kemgo verifies and vets every member. Yes, we have turned down potential members before. We cannot guarantee the quality of the product but you can breathe more easily knowing you are part of a trusted community.
Share information on your product (including specification information) in an easy to search, standardized format Kemgo requires that you input at least one specification that would enable your buyers to make a decision. You can enter an infinite number of specifications, as necessary. Did we mention we've standardized the format of technical data sheets so that they can be easily searched? You can't find that anywhere else!
Receive monthly reports identifying possible leads with contact information, products viewed, and competitors examined Receive monthly reports identifying possible leads with contact information, products viewed, and competitors examined
Access to basic member financial information When you identify a potential buyer, you can get a basic idea of the type of customer they are through basic financial data that is shared on the member's profile.
Optimize operations and workflows to improve convenience and speed Practical Description Basic Plus
Integration with your company's ERP systems to streamline workflows, improve cycle times and reduce redundancies Kemgo can securely integrate with your company's ERP to reduce redundancies and allow you to process transactions much more quickly. The information gathered by Kemgo can easily be input into your Purchase Orders, Invoices and other documents.
Create special offers and receive inquiries automatically When you have specific product that becomes available for sale on the spot or long-term markets, you can create offers specific to that product and related quantities, addresses, dates, terms, and more.
Countless cutomization options including ability to remain anonymous and linking products available to specified regions and/or customer groups Kemgo allows you to customize many settings for promoted products. You will be able to set products by region, customer type and more.
Access to eContract and ePayment functionality When you finalize a deal on Kemgo, you can choose to track the elements of the deal in our electronic contract. This contract will allow you to enter the terms required as well as help you track where you are in the execution of the agreement. Also, use our disruptive B2B ePayment system to securely send your payment!
Access to industry leading financing options only available to Kemgo Kemgo offers secure financing opportunities that make it easier for buyers and sellers to transact. Basically, sellers may be able to get their payment sooner and buyers may be able to get better terms.
Unlimited product postings Even with the basic version, Kemgo allows you to register and post an unlimited number of products. The catch: it has to be done anonymously. But, at least buyers will know there is a company out there that sells those products and can reach you through a simple private bidding/negotiation function.
Unlimited bidding and negotiation in a private, non-public auction way You find a buyer, but, don't agree to their terms right away? Use our simple to use private bid and negotiation function to come to a final deal.
Access on any device We created our platform to be dynamic - you can access it on your desktop, laptop, tablet, and smartphone!
Product View
Add products to your custom page so others find them. When registering products, link substitute products so your products appear when buyers look for competitor products.
About Us View
Add as many contact points by product or by geographic location as you need. Share information about your company, associations, partners and more, including photos to build credibility and brand.
Location View
Share up-to-date contact information so verified and registered Kemgo buyers contact the right people in your organization to discuss a potential need.

How Kemgo+ Works.

Increase credibility

Increase your credibility in the chemical community

Become visible

Become visible in new markets at a low cost.

Global Brand

Work with Kemgo to create a global brand.

Find based on Search

Allow buyers to find you based on their search for a competitor’s products

Access Buyers

Access thousands of buyers across the globe.

How Kemgo Basic works.

View Dashboard.
View Dashboard.

This is the control room. From here, access alerts for your actions, messages from other members, active postings as well as a host of other links.

Browse Market.
Browse Market.

Kemgo can tailor your search based on your product preferences. From here, you can look for products you are interested in buying and receive all relevant information.

Manage Product Preferences.
Manage Product Preferences.

By setting your product preferences, as soon as a supplier lists a product you may be interested in buying, you are instantly notified, potentially locking in a great deal.

Advertise your Product Needs.
Advertise your Product Needs.

As a buyer, you have the opportunity to easily advertise your needs. Once you submit all posting details, it will be viewable by all suppliers that have the relevant products for you.

Submit Product Bids.
Submit Product Bids.

When you find a product you are interested in buying, you can submit a bid. Your bid may be well below what the market is requesting, but, if the seller is willing to accept that, you may end up with a great deal.

View Transactions.
View Transactions.

Once you find a product you are interested in buying, you can begin negotiations. Once you agree on the terms, it is up to both parties to ensure the product is received according to the specified terms.

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